Tricks To Save On Attorney’s Fees

Obviously, you’d like to minimize your legal fees; it’s your money after all. Below we’ve listed several tips that we have for you to help you keep fees, and your pocketbook, in check.

Create A Summary. 

Type out all of the important facts your case in a document. Once you have it all in place, email it to your attorney. By emailing this document, a copy can be put in your file to review as needed.

Write Down Questions.

Keep a running list of questions you have as they arise. Once you have time scheduled with your attorney, you can go through the list quickly and effectively.

Leave Detailed Messages. 

When calling or emailing questions, be as detailed in your messages as you can. Paralegals and office staff can at times answer questions or quickly talk to your attorney. Billing for office staff or paralegal support is a much lower rate than attorney rates. 

Keep Updated Information.

There may be critical times when your attorney will have to contact you. Always keep them updated with your current physical address, email address and telephone numbers. No one wants or should pay extra for research! 

Be Knowledgeable.

It is critically important to read and understand all documentation that your attorney sends you. Ask questions when you are unclear of terms, legal rights and descriptions. These questions can be cleared up quickly early in the process instead of down the road when its more labor intensive to change.