Welcome to my community page!

Serving on the East Millcreek Community Council over the past two years, I understand the issues we face. Luckily, Millcreek isn’t a ‘hot bed’ of problems but there are some important discussions that we need to have and come to a consensus on. Once decided, we will push forward as we move to a city and create a sustainable future.


A few of millcreek topics are:

  • Safety: It is important that we feel safe where we live, work and spend our leisure time.  Millcreek is already a safe city but we can and need to do more.  We need lights in neighborhoods, safe walking sidewalks to school and deal with the high traffic areas, like those on Highland Drive, 3300 S and the freeways.

  • Community: We need to find a balance in order to retain our strong sense of community we all know and love, but still foster economic growth that we need to feed the City. We can find ways to promote a diverse community that accepts and supports cultural and social differences all the while balancing business interests and community. 

  • Growth: Planning & zoning are the pillars to build a solid economic city. We need to use planning and zoning to guide growth and development in harmony with current and future land use and to protect health, safety, appearance, and prosperity.  Through my years as a real estate attorney, I understand that Planning and Zoning are essential components to implement Millcreek’s vision for growth and prosperity.

In my view, a councilman serves best when they don’t try to impose their own agenda; but instead listen to the district residents perspective, then strive to move the community’s plan into motion. My goal is simple: to be a sounding board for you, the residents, and to move our agenda forward in how our city is to be shaped. 

I have decided to run for City Council Because Community Matters. And I intend to keep Millcreek the community we all know and love. Please contact me with any suggestions or concerns. I hope to earn your vote on June 28

A few ways to keep updated with all thats going on:

No matter your choice, please VOTE on Tuesday, June 28 to build the new Millcreek City in the way that you feel is the best outcome.